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Retirement Planning

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Retirement Planning

Review your retirement plan rollover choices with US.
Don’t settle for low interest rates. Beat the bank with fixed annuities that offer guaranteed interest rates more than twice that of the average bank CD for the same time period.
Assets can be lost, stolen, swindled, they can be sued, and stocks can decimate in a market crash or wiped out by long term care.
What we Offer:
► Your investments will remain tax-deferred until you withdraw them.
► Your retirement plan balances may be protected from creditors and legal judgements under federal law.
► Your money (after any taxes and applicable penalties) may be immediately available to you.

► You’re concerned about stock market volatility and outside economic problems affecting your retirement.

► You don’t have a pension, and are concerned about running out of money.

► You’re worried about rising inflation, taxes and future health care costs.

► You’re disappointed with the current performance of your investments.

►You’re tired and fed up with all the conflicting investment advice.

If you can relate to any of these frustrations or concerns above, then we should talk.

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Fixed Annuities offer:

► Typically offer higher interest rates than bank CD’s

► Include liquidity options for penalty free and systematic withdrawals.

► Lifetime income options available.

► Interest earnings are tax-deferred when compounded.

► Principal guaranteed…free from market risk and price fluctuations.

► No fees, loads or sales charges.

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