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One of my favorite things to see on the road is an older person in a hostel, cruise ship, or hotel in another country.
Let’s addresses the insurance needs of U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents who are 65+ and who need temporary medical insurance while traveling outside the U.S.
Senior citizens over 65 years old have enough to worry about when you’re traveling. Don’t let medical coverage be an uncertainty.
Click the button below to get a free quote for affordable travel medical insurance that bridges the gap left by other limited domestic plans that do not cover seniors when they leave the U.S. Get medical insurance quote that helps protect travelers who need travel medical insurance coverage from five days up to 12 months while on a single trip or multiple trips.
GlobeHopper Senior
► US Citizens and US permanent resident
► 65 yrs and older traveling to another country.
► Active enrolled in Medicare Part A&B and
► Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan.
► Open PDF below for rates.
► Freedom to choose your healthcare provider.
► much more (see pdf below)

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