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$65 a month PPO Medical Plan

Are you looking for an affordable medical plan that offers doctor, hospital, and medication coverage?

Five Points MEC Plan might be what you are looking at only $65 a month per person.

What is MEC? MEC stands for Minimum Essential Coverage. It means it meets the minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

If you were offered or quoted very expensive medical insurance from:

► Employer

► Internet search

► Local Agent

Consider what Five Points MEC Plan offers for $65 a month per person.

Benefits offered by Five Points MEC Plan”

► Doctor and hospital network from FirstHealth Network.

► Medications from OptumRx pharmacies

► PPO – choose your doctor, no referrals needed.

► Generic medications $7

► $0 Deductible

► Meets ACA minimum requirements

► Nationwide coverage for doctor and hospital visits.

► Employers can offer to employees.

► Available for all ages.

► Guaranteed coverage.

► Open enrollment 365 days.

Contact us for more information or want us to send you the Summary of Benefits.

FivePoints MEC Plan

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