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Annuities are designed to help you create an income stream that lasts for your lifetime or the lifetime of you and your spouse.


Reasons people are concerned about there income for retirement.

► Today, it is a fact that the number one worry of retirees is that of running out of money. Whether it is due to poor market conditions, historically low interest rates, not saving enough over time, or a combination of all — people today are extremely stressed about running out of retirement income before they run out of time.

► One of the biggest mistakes we see retirees make is keeping too much at risk in the stock market. Back in 2008, the market fell by over 52%. Most people lost a lot of money and dreams were crushed. Unforeseen stock market volatility poses a glaring concern when you are approaching retirement or are already retired. In order to address these concerns, you need alternatives to the market that adequately protect your money throughout your retirement from any looming market downturns.

► For decades people are told to diversify their retirement portfolio in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and they’ll be fine over the long haul because if you wait long enough the market will rebound. The HOPE Strategy, I hope the stock market keeps performing up. Hope is not a sound financial strategy.

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