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Hospital Indemnity Plan

Hospital Indemnity Plan

Millions of seniors enroll in Medicare Advantage plans. Most choose $0 premium Medicare Advantage plans.

The majority would pay less than the Medicare Part A hospital deductible (in 2021 is $1,484) for an inpatient stay of 3 days. However, the longer the stay, the more likely that you will pay out-of-pocket.


If you are living paycheck to paycheck, can you afford an extended hospital stay, more than likely most will fall in serious financial trouble.

Hospital Stay

Hospital Indemnity Plan

A Hospital Indemnity Plan helps those seniors with a Medicare Advantage plan, the flexibility to choose a daily hospital indemnity option ranging from 3 to 10 days to pay for the out-of-pocket for prolong hospital stays.


► Coverage for Daily Hospital Stay or Hospital Admition

Add Riders

► Outpatient Surgical Procedures

► Hospital Emergency Room

► Doctor’s Office Visit

► Lump Sum Cancer benefit

► Outpatient Rehabilitation


How Does a Hospital Indemnity Plan Pay Out Benefits?

Hospital indemnity insurance pays cash benefits. This means the insurance company pay you directly instead of the hospital or doctor. You can pay back the hospital or you recover the amount you paid out of your pocket.

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