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Life Insurance for People with Grave’s Disease

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Over 3 million Americans are diagnosed with Grave’s disease every year, according to the American Thyroid Association. The disorder is primarily triggered by the body’s immune system. In an attempt to fight bacteria and viruses, the body produces antibodies, according to the Organization.

You can get Life Insurance for Grave’s Disease or a Final Expense with Guaranteed Issue.

Grave’s disease affects each individual differently. The severity of the condition, and related complications, depends on how quickly and effectively treatment began.

Therefore, it’s difficult to assess the level of life insurance you’ll qualify for or how much you will pay. Yet looking at the averages, it’s very likely you’ll at least qualify for traditional coverage.

Most likely individuals who received treatment early and are in great health otherwise might qualify for a Preferred rating. However, the vast majority of those in good health will receive a Standard rating. Remember a test must be taken which proves you don’t have any serious heart complications before this rating is given.

Patients with more serious cases can usually get away with a Sub-Standard rating. This is usually given to those with some complications, such as ventricular fibrillation. The symptoms must still be under control.

Those who don’t qualify for traditional coverage should seek alternatives options. We can help you explore guaranteed-issue life insurance and graded death benefit life insurance policies, aka Final Expense. These options cost more upfront and pay less as death benefits, but are still good alternatives to consider.

If your condition improves, you can reapply on a regular basis. If your condition changes for the better, you might qualify for traditional coverage even if you were denied originally.


Final Expense coverage range from $2,000 up to $50,000.

When it comes to Final Expense Life Insurance, there are usually 3 different levels you may qualify for with any given company.

► Level benefit: Lowest price and full immediate coverage

► Graded benefit: Higher premium and a tiered payout during the first 2 years.

► Modified benefit: Highest priced and a full 2 year waiting period.

The proceeds of the policy can technically be used for anything, but they are intended to pay for funeral expenses. If there is any money leftover, those funds would remain with your family. It won’t go to the funeral home.

Since Graves’ is an immune disease, you would need to say yes to a question such as that.

Companies that do care about Graves’ disease will be on the lookout for these prescriptions:

► Levothyroxine

► Synthroid

► Propylthiouracil

► Thiamazole

Ideally, you’ll want to apply with a company that does not ask about Graves’, immune system disorders, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.


Contact us to help you find the lowest cost life insurance all the easier.

We work with several of the top-rated companies in the country. We know which ones tend to accept those with Grave’s disease so you don’t waste your time applying to those who don’t.

Don’t shy away from life insurance just because of Grave’s disease – we’ll help you find low-cost coverage which is perfect for your personal situation.

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