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Protect your Income with Disability Insurance

You’ve made a substantial investment of time and money to get where you are now. Your life is on course and you’re enjoying the satisfying career you envisioned. Your income is growing and serves as the foundation for the life you’ve created.

But what if your plans were derailed because you became too sick or injured to work? A disability can suspend your income for a period of time, or even permanently. But while your paycheck may stop coming, routine expenses like rent, utilities, groceries, monthly loan payments, and so forth don’t. And before you say that could never happen to you, consider that 1 in 4 of today’s 20-year-olds will become disabled before they retire. *

Disability income insurance can help replace your income if you become too sick or injured to work. It’s available with:

  • Choice of definitions of disability

  • Option to protect yourself in your own occupation or specialty

  • Flexibility to tailor coverage to your unique needs now and in the future with options to:

  • Increase coverage as your income grows with no medical insurability requirement**

  • Adjust benefits to keep pace with the cost of living

  • Protect your ability to repay student loans

Highly-trained professionals like you have unique income protection needs. I understand them and can help you protect your income – and all that it makes possible. To get a Disability Insurance quote click here.

* U.S. Social Security Administration Fact Sheet, June 2017.

**Restrictions and limitations apply. The amount of additional coverage available will be financially underwritten based on the amount of disability insurance you have or are eligible to receive, as well as your income at the time you apply.


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