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Can your portfolio withstand a market crash in your early retirement years? Will you still have a sense of purpose when you’re no longer heading to the office every day? How do you know that you’re really ready—both financially and mentally?

To ensure a successful retirement transition, you’ll need to tackle those questions and many more. But the process doesn’t have to be intimidating.

As older adults approach and pass retirement age, many consider estate planning and wealth preservation from a senior’s estate planning viewpoint – often for the first time. Those who have made moderately successful investments to see them through retirement often realize that the strategies they’ve used to build a retirement nest egg are not always suited to preserving that nest egg and ensuring that it will be there for all of their needs.

We offer several different kinds of insurance products specifically designed to help older adults safeguard their finances and position their assets in a way that is most advantageous for them. Aim to generate enough guaranteed retirement income to pay for must-haves such as food, shelter and health care.We provide information about the various financial and insurance products available nationwide, answer questions and advice consumers to always check with their own lawyers and tax professionals before making any decisions.

The more guaranteed income you have, the more flexible you can be with your portfolio withdrawals. And that flexibility may be the key to surviving, as insidious leaks can sink your retirement before it even starts. A retirement test-run is a great opportunity for spouses to talk with each other about how they envision retirement—and figure out whether they can stand to be in the house together. You will be able to make adjustments in spending, budget, debt management, and more.

Even the best-laid retirement plans are subject to change. Have a contingency plan in case you need to retire earlier than expected. If you lose your job in the years leading up to retirement. Did you consider Healthcare cost? Seniors often suffer from serious medical conditions, and Medicare doesn’t provide the comprehensive coverage most people believe it does. You’ll have to pick up a lot of prescription costs on your own

If you’ve reached retirement age and are considering ways to preserve your wealth and ensure that your nest egg provides for all of your needs in the future, our services and products could be instrumental in reaching your goal. Learn more by calling (915) 255-9077.

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