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Top 5 Reasons to get Cancer Insurance

Even those who live a healthy lifestyle run the risk of being diagnosed with Cancer. Could be do to family history, environment, or diet. No one really knows why we get Cancer. Although the risks of getting Cancer are very real. You probably know a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker, a classmate, a friend who survived or passed away from Cancer.

Top 5 Reasons to get Cancer Insurance

#1 Reason


► Cancer is the second most common cause of death

► 77% of all Cancer are diagnosed who are 55 or older.

► 1 in 3 Men will develop Cancer during their lifetime.

► 1 in 3 Women will develop Cancer during their lifetime.

#2 Reason

Cancer survival rates are increasing every year for all Cancer types combined. By 2020, Cancer survival rates are predicted to increase 31% in the US for people 65 yr old and older. Children with Cancer have an 80% survival rate Today.

#3 Reason

Rising Costs

►The US will spend an estimated $158 Billion in 2020 to treat Cancer, an increase of 27% over 2010.

► 61% of medical cost of Cancer are Indirect Costs and 39% are Direct Costs.

Indirect cost can include transportation to treatments, lodging, house bills, loss of income by patients and guardians, mortgage payments, other insurance premiums, cost for alternative treatments not covered by health insurance, car payment(s), high deductible, and other indirect cost.

#4 Reason

If you buy Cancer Insurance before diagnosed with Cancer you won’t be denied coverage. Even if you get Cancer for a 2nd or 3rd time, your existing Cancer plan can not be cancelled (only if you stop making premium payments). Guaranteed renewable.

#5 Reason

Cancer plan can include you, your spouse, and/or your family in one plan. Plans are generally available for 18-99 year old. Most Cancer Insurance pay a Lump Sum benefit directly to you or someone you designate ranging from $10,000 up to $75,000.


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Our section in Cancer we provide 5 Cancer products for you to examine and see which carrier provides the best coverage for your needs, either for you, you and your spouse, or your family. The 5 carriers or private companies are leaders in the health insurance business and more importantly in the Cancer Insurance.

All 5 Cancer Insurance in our Cancer page offer base benefits plus riders (extras) to provide you a plan that fits your needs and budget. One example of a rider available in some plans is Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Rider.

The ICU Rider pays a benefit per day for confinement in a hospital ICU, regardless of what caused the patient to end up in the ICU.

Another Rider you can add in some of the plans is Heart/Stroke Rider.You can add the Heart/Stroke Rider to pay you a lump sum if you suffer a heart attack and/or stroke in addition to getting cancer.

Applying for Cancer Insurance after diagnosed with Cancer.

If you wait until you are diagnosed with Cancer to purchase a Cancer Insurance policy, most likely you will be denied or delayed full coverage (check your state for details). Some states will make you wait a couple of months for the full benefits to kick in. It is important to do some research before buying Cancer Insurance, that is why we provide 5 different Cancer Insurance details (in PDF) for you to look at the details before deciding if a Cancer policy is for you and how it will help you and your family deal with the ups and downs while fighting the disease.

Specially look at the Riders of each plan, by adding a rider to your plan it will make a big difference in your plan. Look for the Restoration of Policy Benefit, were your full benefits will be restored after 12 months.

As we live longer lives, we need such plans Cancer, Hearth, Stroke, Life Insurance, and others to help us recover and defeat such health conditions.

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