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2 ways to get Dental Insurance for Seniors

There are 2 ways to get Dental Insurance for Seniors

1. Buy an Individual Dental Plan

2. Most Medicare Advantage plans have Dental coverage.

Buy an Individual Dental Plan

If you buy an Individual Dental Plan, before you buy dental insurance, ask all the questions you need to until you understand what the policies you are considering cover and how the claims process works. Here are some essential questions to ask if you can’t find the answers in dental plan documents.

► Are there a reasonable number of in-network dentists in your area?

► Is your current dentist in-network?

► Is there a limit on the number of exams, cleanings and bitewing x-rays that will be covered by the plan each year?

► How much will the insurance pay for each class of service?

► What are the time limits on the replacement of crowns, bridges, dentures and similar appliances?

Frequently asked questions for Dental Insurance for Seniors

How long does it take to get a dental insurance application approved?

Some dental insurance companies approve your application immediately, while others take up to two or three weeks to notify you of approval.

Why is there a waiting period?

Most dental insurance companies have a waiting period after your application is accepted. This practice is so the customer doesn’t wait until they have accumulated the need for several procedures to buy and use dental insurance to cover the costs. Most plans have a waiting period for some procedures but not others, like a regular checkup.

Does dental insurance include coverage for oral surgery?

Whether or not dental insurance or medical insurance covers oral surgery can be confusing. Do not assume that surgery around the teeth is a dental issue. For example, medical insurance often covers wisdom teeth extractions, but sometimes dental insurance covers this surgery.

Surgery to correct an abscessed tooth is usually considered a health issue and Medicare insurance covers the cost (most likely at 80%). Procedures to correct trauma to the mouth are considered medical and not dental, even if lost teeth are involved.

Senior citizens are very likely to have dental care expenses that could increase as the years go by and they currently can’t rely on Medicare to cover the costs. Dental insurance and dental discount memberships are an affordable way to manage these costs, but know what you are buying and understand the levels of coverage before you buy a plan.

Medicare Advantage Plan with Dental Coverage

The second option for Seniors looking for Dental Coverage might be Medicare Advantage Plan. Most Medicare Advantage plans cover Dental.

Seniors with Medicare (Part A &B) who have a Medicare Advantage plan may already have Dental Coverage. Although if your Medicare Advantage plan includes Dental it might be limited to cleanings, x-rays, and other procedures.

Most Medicare Advantage plans with Dental coverage do not cover crowns and/or dentures. If you need crowns and/or dentures consider buying an individual dental plan (option 1).

Visit our Dental Insurance for Seniors page, we have 3 options to help you in your search for Dental Insurance.

Dental Insurance for Seniors

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