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Armando Wilson

My name is Armando Wilson, an experienced independent health and life insurance agent. Got my licensed to sell Health and Life Insurance in 2016 for the state of Texas.

In 2016 I started with Medicare Advantage certification and started to sell Medicare Advantage plans for 6 companies. I also got certified to sell Affordable Care Act plans (aka Obamacare).

In 2017 I worked at a Call Center to sell Health Insurance plans in 20 states Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Washington, Illinois, Georgia, Ohio, and 13 more. I became an expert that in 2018 I sold Health Insurance independently.

2018 – Present I now sell Medigap, Medicare Advantage, Health Insurance, Short-Term Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Final Expense, Annuities, and Dental insurance plans.

2020 Covid changed many of my marketing and selling practices. 2021 started similar to 2020 and hopefully as more people get the vaccine things go back to pre-covid times.

Feel free to contact me at (915) 255-9077 with your questions about Medicare, Health Insurance, Life Insurance.


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