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What is Medicare Extra Help

What is Medicare Extra Help

Prescription Drugs (Part D)

If you have Medicare, in order to get prescription drug coverage, you need to purchase a Medicare Prescription Drug plan (Plan D) from a private company. Which means a monthly premium and copays or coinsurance.

If you have expensive medications, you may qualify for Medicare Extra Help program. The program, which is run by the Social Security Administration (SSA), reduces or eliminates the monthly premiums and annual deductibles. It also lowers copays and coinsurance.

Prescription Drugs (Part D)
Prescription Drugs (Part D)

Who qualifies for Medicare Extra Help?

You may qualify for the low-income subsidy available under Medicare Part D if:

  • If your income and assets are below the amount set every year. The Medicare Extra Help program eligibility limits may change from year to year. For the most up-to-date levels, visit ssa.gov.
  • You will automatically qualify for Medicare Extra Help if you get Medicaid.
  • f you are a part of any Medicare Savings Programs, or MSPs, to help pay for your Medicare Part A and B costs, you will automatically receive Medicare Extra Help

How to apply for Medicare Extra Help

Four ways to apply for Medicare Extra Help.

  1. Automatically – if you receive full Medicaid benefits, you’re enrolled in a Medicare Savings Program, or you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.
  2. Paper Application – at your local Social Security office.
  3. Phone – call 1-800-722-1213.
  4. Online – by the Social Security Administration
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