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Should I keep my ACA Health plan instead of Medicare


If you have a ACA Health Plan (aka Marketplace or Obamacare) and you are turning 65 years old , you can keep your ACA plan until your Medicare coverage starts.

Once your Medicare Part A coverage starts, you will lose any premium tax credits. 

You can keep your ACA Health Plan (for a few days) even when Medicare starts, if you have an operation, medical exam, CT Scan, or other expensive medical procedure scheduled when Medicare starts. Remember you have 7 months to enroll in Medicare, 3 months before your birthday month, your birthday month, and 3 months after your birthday month.  To learn more about Medicare visit Medicare page.


Should I keep my ACA Health Plan instead of Medicare
Keep My ACA Health Plan instead of Medicare

Medicare might be more expensive than your ACA Health Plan. Medicare Part A usually cost $0 per month if you have the 40 points. Medicare Part B will cost starts at $148.50 and up (depending on your income) in 2021. At its minimum cost Medicare Part A + Part B will cost you $148.50 a month in 2021. If you keep your ACA Health plan because Medicare is more expensive, the consequences can get very expensive when you enroll in Medicare late. Contact me to help you find State or Federal help to lower your Medicare cost.

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