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Medigap Plan G vs Medicare Advantage

Medigap Plan G vs Medicare Advantage

Which Plan is better for you Plan G or Medicare Advantage?

If you are new to Medicare, usually when you turn 65 years old or after 65 years old when you lose employee health insurance, you have two (2) options to cover the 20% that Original Medicare (Part A &B) does not cover.

One Option is to enroll in a Medigap plan. Plan G is very popular plan and your Second Option is a Medicare Advantage plan also very popular plan. Both are very different in the way you are covered.


Which is better Medigap Plan F or Plan G

What is the cost to enroll in Plan G vs Medicare Advantage

Cost to Enroll in Plan G

If you are 65 years old you can expect to pay around $115-140 a month for your Plan G in 2021, remember you still have the cost of Original Medicare (Part A & B). The minimum cost of Medicare Part A is $0 (if you have 40 pints or worked at least 10 years) and Medicare Part B minimum is $148.50 in 2021. Add Medicare cost $148.50 + Medigap Plan G $115 = $263.50 a month or $3,162 a year.

Cost to Enroll in Medicare Advantage plan.

If you have Medicare Part A&B, you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan when you turn 65 years old or during an Enrollment Period. Most Medicare Advantage plans cost you $0 to enroll and keep. Add Medicare Cost $148.50 + Medicare Advantage plan $0 = $148.50 a month or $1782 a year.

Medicare Part B Coverage includes Doctor, Specialist, Laboratory, and other Medical Services.

Plan G

Plan G covers 100% the 20% that  Medicare Part B does not cover after you pay the $203 Part B Deductible (in 2021). Assume your first use of Medicare Part B in 2021 is an appointment with your Primary Doctor if the 20% of the Doctor bill is $50 your deductible goes down by $50 from $203 to $153.  After you pay the deductible off, your plan G will cover 100% the 20%. This means that every time you go to a Doctor, Specialist, have lab work, X-rays your Plan G will cover 100%. 

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage when you have an appointment with your Primary Doctor most likely you will have to pay $0. Appointment with a Specialist expect to pay $20-$50 out of your pocket. X-Rays or CT Scan you will need to pay $0-$150

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Medicare Part A Coverage

Plan G

Plan G Covers 100% the 20% that Medicare Part A does not cover. If you go to Inpatient Hospital stay and your bill is $150,000 Medicare Part A pays $120,000 and your Plan G pays $30,000. You pay $0

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage will cover partial cost of the 20% for the first few days (normally days 1-6) and you will have to pay from $125 to $380 per day (days 1-6). After the day that you have a copay (depends on the Medicare Advantage plan), your plan will cover 100%. Example if you stayed at a hospital for 3 days and your copay for the first 5 days is $125, you will have to pay the hospital $375 (125 x 3).

Seguro Medico

Medication Coverage (Part D)

Plan G

All Medigap plans including Plan G don’t cover medications (Part D).  A Part D plan is sold by private companies and usually cost from $20 to $80 a month.

Medicare Advantage

Most Medicare Advantage plans also cover medications (plan D). Most have a preferred pharmacy that will have lower copays for Generic and Brand medications.

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Medication (Part D)

Dental - Vision - Hearing - Gym - Transportation - OTC Benefits

Plan G

Some Plan G started offering Dental and Vision benefits.

Medicare Advantage

Most Medicare Advantage offer dental, vision, hearing, gym membership, transportation, Over-the-Counter (OTC) benefits at no additional cost.

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Dental Benefits

Send me your questions and doubts below about Medigap and/or Medicare Advantage.

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